J Initiative (JI) is a Ghanaian non-governmental organization dedicated to raising awareness on issues that affect families, especially women and children. JI is composed of experts and professionals who believe that every Ghanaian child should have the opportunity to develop in an appropriate environment. We pursue this by focusing on three key areas of development for children and young people: Child Literacy, Digital Literacy and our girls’ education programme which comprises Menstrual Hygiene Management among other girls’ education focused interventions.


JI’s vision is to develop, manage and support a range of programs and undertake research to enhance the lives of children and young people and their families in Ghana. Thus: creating dynamic, responsible and stable communities where children and young people are literate, social informed and healthy, and where above all equal opportunity to develop.



The J Initiative (JI) seeks to improve the lives of children and young people and their families through awareness and education in our three focus areas. 


To ensure that boys and girls and young men and women are in a well-deserved space in order to develop their given potentials regardless of the economic status of their parents. 


We find creative ways to engage with children and young people throughout Ghana in order to create a congenial environment for their optimal self-actualization.

Child Literacy: JI works to raise the standards of children’s literacy by promoting Early Grade Reading and through reading recovery and reading clubs. English is the primary medium of instruction for education in Ghana. However, children’s proficiency varies widely. JI has developed phonic charts in four Ghanaian languages, Ga; Ewe; Akuapim Twi and Fante, to enhance children’s understanding of what they read.

Digital Literacy: JI works to empower children and young people with the capacity to safeguard themselves in digital environments at the same time sharpens their skills of being global citizens. JI develops and shares safety tips on social media, carries out school outreach programmes as a means of sharing safety related information and engages with government and other stakeholders to put the necessary measures in place to ensure the safety of children and young people while they learn, create and explore the digital world. JI supports the learning of ICT in schools by exposing children, educators, guardians and parents to the benefits and risks of exposure to ICT tools and how to overcome or manage most of them. This goes a long way to bridging the digital divide and in adherence to the International Telecommunication Unions (ITU) protocol on child protection for countries.

Menstrual Hygiene Management & Advocacy: A 2011 study by UNICEF revealed that many girls miss days in school in Africa or drop out altogether because they cannot afford sanitary pads during menstruation. With the support from friends JI provides these girls with re-useable sanitary pads which are an affordable, hygienic alternative to regular disposable ones. Misperceptions and negative cultural myths surrounding menstruation also affect girls’ access to education. For this reason, JI takes a holistic approach to Menstrual Hygiene Management that involves girls and their mothers as well as the men in their lives fathers, brothers and uncles. JI works to overcome perceptions of menstruation as dirty by teaching girls how to manage menstruation while helping men understand what it entails and the need for their support during this period. Our efforts takes into consideration the fact that school girls in rural and underserved communities face the added challenges of access to clean water and soap. We hope to contribute to the SDG goals 4 and 5.

We have available manuals and information packs https://www.facebook.com/fbsafety/?fref=ts  for both parents and young people based on our areas of focus.


There are several ways to get involved with J Initiative (JI): 

Direct Donations

You or Your Company can invest directly to support J Initiative’s program by making a donation here. For larger donations, please emailinfo@jighana.org for more information or contact us.024 2305656


You can recommend J Initiative for corporate funding, or connect our staff to the right people within your company corporate services department. Please contact us via email at info@jighana.org for more information.

Support in Kind

You can donate products or services to support the J Initiative. To donate other in-kind gifts, such as children’s books, or computer software, contact info@jighana.org for more information.


The J Initiative would love to hold a number of events in a year to help young people and we would need companies who would be willing to provide sponsorships to help take care of their costs. For more information about sponsoring an event, please contact info@jighana.org. 


Volunteers and partners are strategic to our cause and we are eager to engage with potential partners and volunteers who share our vision. Please contact info@jighana.org for more information.